Modular Walls

MarxModa can help you optimize your space and create an environment that’s fine-tuned to the way your people work. The most effective office environments acknowledge that different types of work require different types of settings where people can work naturally, both together and alone.

By working with our partner Maars Living Walls, MarxModa can provide wall solutions that foster connection, but also provide some separation. Going beyond the ordinary modular wall, Maars offers partition wall concepts that encourage workers to feel at one with their surroundings and create spaces where superior work is produced. Solutions include single glazed, double glazed, butt joint, and solid walls that outperform others in the industry in acoustics.

Featured Products Include:


An economic solution for your working environment, the minimal profile height and seamless connection with other Maars solutions allow Horizon to create a high-quality transparent aesthetic. Demountable, quick to install, and available with a variety of doors, Horizon is the ultimate combination of style, accessibility, and privacy.


A new level of refinement and technical perfection, lalinea was developed with a minimalist design as the starting point. The extremely slim, continuous lines of the top and bottom sections, the patented flush glass connections, and the absence of vertical sections make the aesthetics of lalinea unique. The maximum transparency creates an unparalleled sense of freedom and space.


Developed to meet increasing demand for cells in open floor plans that allow people to work, call, and meet in a concentrated way linaCube is an independent architectural space with its own ventilation, acoustic insulation and absorption, with power, data, audio and lighting integrated into the ceiling.


Developed to make customized solutions possible for any space, Metaline offers wall elements made to size in height and width. Customers can choose the color and texture of the steel panels, door, and glass elements. With its patent click connection allowing for rapid assembly and flexibility, Metaline will add a sleek look to any space.


A glass partition wall that is extremely flexible, Panorama is reconfigurable and easily combined with other Maars products. High sound insulating values ensure acoustic privacy and elements for light, air, sound, multimedia, and climate control can be easily integrated. Characterized by an absence of visible joints and vertical profiles, Panorama allows you to create maximum transparency in your space.


Maars’ answer to the needs of ambitious architects and interior designers, the versatile possibilities of String² partition walls are as ingenious as they are challenging. The system is internationally recognized as the allrounder among partition walls. Aesthetic wall designs are possible in both horizontal and vertical lines and can be finished with barely visible 0 mm joints or given a subtle accent with shadow joints of 5 mm. Elegant aesthetics characterized by a sleek and smooth overall appearance, in all conceivable combinations of materials and elements are achieved with String2.

Think Outside the Box

The possibilities are endless with Maars Living Walls.

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