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Maars Living Walls Dealer

As Michigan’s Maars Living Walls Dealer MarxModa makes a difference for our partners by creating flexible enclosed settings with elegantly designed, acoustically superior architectural walls.

We are modular systems experts, able to deploy the wide range of standard and custom solutions that have made Maars a leading global manufacturer of fireproof and soundproof environments.

A proud member of Herman Miller Group, Maars offers the most comprehensive range of acoustic performing wall and door solutions in the world with over 150 third-party wall and door sound certifications ranging from 28-62 STC. Choose from one of their high-performance lines or create a completely custom solution with groundbreaking design software Maars 4D.

Creating Space with Maars

Seamlessly Integrated

Maars architectural partitions are designed to compliment the structural and architectural elements already present in the building. Created with clean simple lines and constructed from combinations of glass, laminate, wood, fabric, and steel, they accommodate and accentuate any interior design.

Endlessly Flexible

Unlike standard construction, demountable wall systems allow businesses to quickly and easily reorganize their office environment as their team changes, or completely relocate the partitions to a brand new setting. While traditional walls permanently separate staff, Maars Living Walls are as good or better than drywall when it comes to sound proofing, and with glass solutions can provide privacy without reducing collaboration.

Adaptable & Accessible

Key building systems including electrical, cabling, and ventilation are usually installed as part of initial building construction and are difficult to upgrade. The flexibility of modular systems means that you can access or adjust systems at any time without the high costs and interruptions to your business associated with traditional construction.

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Sustainable By Design

Drywall is often made from unsustainable products and a significant amount of materials are wasted during manufacture and install, then sent straight to a landfill. All Maars solutions are Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze because Maars creates their wall systems using recycled or sustainable materials with sustainable processes. Plus, the modular nature of the walls allows for reuse, reducing the amount of material that needs to be thrown away during office reconfiguration.

Cost Effective

When you create a new room within your building using traditional construction methods you pay for the design, materials, labor, systems installation, and post-construction disposal and cleaning in both time and money. Quick and easy design and installation by our Maars team can reduce the initial and ongoing maintenance costs of your space. Plus, since modular walls are categorized as office furniture instead of real estate, their cost depreciates faster providing significant tax savings.

Create Flexible Spaces with MarxModa

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