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MarxModa works with institutional leaders in Michigan to create educational environments that make a difference for faculty, staff, and visitors by enhancing wellbeing, increasing engagement, and supporting overall achievement goals.

Thanks to new tools and technologies, learning now happens anywhere, at any time. For campuses to remain relevant, they need to foster a sense of belonging by providing a learning experience enriched through meaningful connections among students, faculty, and administrators. We work with our vendor partners to help educational institutions create communities that bring students and faculty together and inspire them do their best.

Elementary, Middle, & High School (K-12)

The nature of learning has changed, so classrooms and learning spaces need to transform as well. Spaces need to be mobile, and adaptable – with furniture that can support active, student-centered learning and seamlessly integrates the latest technology. Instead of a rigid environment that only supports lectures, learning environments can be designed to be flexible, with limitless configurations for students to work collaboratively on group activities, projects, and discussions. We are experts at delivering educational spaces that drive participation and support a diversity of teaching and learning styles.

Higher Education

We understand that educational institutions thrive because of the talented students, faculty, researchers, and staff on campus. When your learning community is engaged and energized, they can achieve greater prosperity. We create environments that increase engagement, revitalize energy, and promote physical, emotional, and social wellbeing. Spaces that connect people, empowering them to share their ideas and learn from faculty and each other. Capitalizing on research from our partner Herman Miller we can help your institution create work spaces that fulfill the fundamental needs of everyone on campus, allowing you to reach your overall achievement goals.

We specialize in creating administrative spaces, board rooms, cafeterias, collaboration spaces, conference rooms, classrooms, executive suites, laboratories, libraries, lobbies, lounges, private offices, reception areas, training rooms, workstations, and more.

“MarxModa is a great company to work with!”
Central Michigan University Sue Watt-Smith | Senior Buyer
“It is always a pleasure to work with MarxModa. From ordering furniture, to installation, to follow up, they make it a pretty easy process.”
Delta College Ed Andres | Facilities Management

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