Healthcare Compass System


MarxModa works with the leaders of healthcare networks in Michigan to create environments that make a difference for caregivers, visitors and guests by providing an elevated healing experience.

Physical environments play a key role in healthcare. The extent to which a space supports the activities of caregivers and enables the comfort of patients and family members can profoundly impact the quality of care as well as patient satisfaction.

Herman Miller Healthcare, Nemschoff, and our other partners have been consistently advancing the performance of healthcare environments, creating spaces with flexible, durable products that promote health and enhance well-being. From single patient rooms to entire facility footprints our designers have the ability to create the spaces you need.


Increase Speed to Market

Our diverse portfolio allows single sourcing. That saves time and reduces complexity, helping facilities open faster and generate revenue sooner.

Optimize Your Investment

Because change is inevitable, we create facilities based on change. Our adaptive solutions deliver consistent standards and lower total cost of ownership.

Elevate the Experience

Our human-centered approach to design, and insights from our partner Herman Miller regarding people, process, and place, allow us to create the spaces that satisfy patients and visitors and let caregivers do their best.

We specialize in creating administrative spaces, cafeterias, conference rooms, consultation rooms, critical care units, emergency rooms, examination rooms, executive suites, integration stations, laboratories, libraries, lounges, operating rooms, patient rooms, pharmacies, private offices, reception areas, registration areas, waiting rooms, and more.

Deliver the Future of Healthcare

Create an environment that elevates caregiver, patient, and guest experience.

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