Privacy Pods & Booths

Bring order to the open office with privacy solutions. With Framery, MarxModa can offer insulated spaces that enhance concentration and encourage efficiency without sacrificing space or style.

The rise of the open office in the modern workplace has done wonders for employee morale, collaboration, and creativity – but has provided it’s own unique challenge as well. Everyone needs a private space in the office at some point in their career. Whether it’s to have a private meeting, take a personal phone call, or simply to take a break from the friendly chatter drifting between workstations, the option of privacy in the office is a must-have.

In response to this need MarxModa partner Framery created pods and phonebooths that fit seamlessly into open office designs and provide a private space for when employees need it.

Featured Products Include:

Framery O

The original office pod, Framery O is ideal for one person. Perfect for important calls or video conferences, Framery O is an insulated, echo-free, and comfortable work space. A combination of sustainably sourced materials, patented technology and signature design creates a space with superior sound insulated, fresh air, and ergonomic excellence. Learn more here.

Framery Q

An office pod that can accommodate one-four people, Framery Q is perfect for meetings, brainstorming sessions, and private one-on-one conversations. It boasts the same sound insulation, air control, and beautiful design as the Framery O and can be configured in multiple ways to best suit your space. Options include Working with Pal – a two-person set up that has a high table and two bar stools – Meeting Maggie – two sofas and a small central table – and NapQ – a sofa set that can be easily transformed from a workspace into a comfortable bed. Learn more here.

Framery 2Q

Framery’s latest model, the 2Q office booth is designed for 4-6 people and can be used as a space to co-create, brainstom, and hold meetings. Available with a variety of layout options or completely unfurnished so that you can fill it with products of your choice, the 2Q fits seamlessly into any workspace. 2Q is a conference solution for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated room. Learn more here.

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