Make A Difference

Make A Difference

As Eastern Michigan’s Certified Herman Miller Dealer, MarxModa is determined to make a difference in everything we do by offering our customers a level of excellence in product and service that is unmatched throughout the industry.

We strive to be true partners for our clients, working to understand their unique culture, current and future technology needs, and key business processes, and then use our placemaking expertise to create innovative solutions that will enhance well-being and drive results.

With our main offices in Detroit and Lansing, along with a satellite office in Flint, we are committed to playing a role in the revitalization of the Motor City and growth of the Capital because we believe that the success of these cities will drive prosperity throughout the entire state.

MarxModa strives to provide a different experience. Our Leadership Team is made up of professionals who in previous endeavors have worked with Fortune 500 companies to deliver strategic, change-driving performance improvement. It is with this mindset that MarxModa approaches every project. We work with business leaders to understand their goals and objectives, then creates office solutions that optimize space and support employees. By providing not just great furniture, but research-based performance solutions, we empower companies to materialize their vision and achieve their mission.

We hope we can make a difference for you.

Our Values

Power of the Team: We believe the power of the team is greater than that of the individual

Respect: We show respect for partners and colleagues by addressing benefits before concerns

Integrity: We maintain the highest levels of integrity by doing what we say

Develop Trust: We develop and maintain trust by cultivating enough personal intimacy and credibility to outweigh any risk

Excellence: We deliver excellence through our commitment to being our best