Xalt Energy

With unwavering dedication to excellence, our team at MarxModa has worked tirelessly to bring cutting-edge solutions to the forefront of Xalt Energy. The seamless integration of this project unites functionality, creativity, and design excellence.

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Goal: To create a new and inviting space for employees to want to work in the office once more.

Scope: The client’s space originally lacked an inviting break room and thus MarxModa designed a wonderful new break room. Employees now sit in there during lunch rather than taking their lunch break from their desks. They requested a need for more cubicles for the growing company and MarxModa built (122) new workstations. MarxModa revamped (2) conference rooms and made space for multiple collaboration spaces. Each collaboration space was different to give employees options depending on their different needs throughout their workday.

Featured Products: Canvas Private Office Workstations, Polygon Wire Tables, OE1 Agile Wall, Everywhere Tables, Headway Conference Tables

Location: Auburn Hills, MI

Industry: Commercial

It is always a pleasure to work with MarxModa. From ordering furniture, to installation, to follow up, they make it a pretty easy process. —Ed Andres, Facilities Management

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