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Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital Al!ve Health Park

MarxModa was excited to partner with Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital and help them make a difference for their providers and patients with the creation of their Al!ve Health Park.

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Goal: Build a non-traditional hospital that would bypass the negative stigma often associated with healthcare facilities. The use of bright, inviting colors, radiant lighting, enjoyable sounds, diversity in textures, television monitors with inspiring messages made the space exceptionally inviting.

Scope: A lobby/waiting area, rehabilitation center, gym, hydrotherapy center, bariatric center, women’s center, conference rooms, and offices.

Featured Products: Chromcast Zyn Chairs, Stylex Avo Chairs, Furniture Lab Deco Infinity Chair, Marquise Westin Lounge Chairs, Sandler Toffee Tables, Spec Snowball Chairs, Intensa Exam Stools, Community Kinsey Chairs, and custom Furniture Lab tables and booths.

Location: Charlotte, MI

Industry: Healthcare

Design Partner: WPI Design Studio

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