We are happy to announce that our Detroit & Lansing Showrooms are now open for visitors by appointment only.

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Read and download MarxModa's Guide for transitioning our team back to the office.

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Read and download Herman Miller's Guide for safely returning to the workplace.

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COVID-19 Resources

Including industry insights, WFH tips, and product solutions.

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Can a Comfortable Chair Help Fight Office Stress?

The latest research from Herman Miller shows how Cosm can help improve cognitive functioning.

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Introducing Headway Conference & Communal Tables

The latest product offering from Herman Miller combines technology and refined design.

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Deliver the Future of Healthcare

Elevate the experience across your entire facility footprint.

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Transform Your Campus

Create an inspiring, efficient place that will help your institution achieve your goals.

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Live Platform

Bring your office to life with our digital system. Live Platform is a workplace service from Herman Miller that uses workplace data and insight as a catalyst for organizational growth.

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Technology & Accessories


Modular Walls


Privacy Pods & Booths


Catalyze the Workplace for Growth

See how the office can become a powerful tool for organizational growth when it's based on research on your people and their work.

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Optimize Your Floorplate

Make small workstations feel big and inviting with Canvas Vista.

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Need help envisioning your perfect workspace?

At MarxModa, we not only design, furnish and manage dynamic workspaces that are ergonomically correct and inspiring, but we also ensure that your final workspace will help drive your business results.

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We will design and furnish your workspace utopia.

We represent hundreds of high-quality manufacturers including industry leaders such as Herman Miller, National Office Furniture, Encore Seating, and Framery.

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Perspectives: Global View Points

For this edition of Perspectives, Herman Miller asked designers from London, Mexico and Toronto to share their views on emerging global trends and how they work with international clients to address these shifts and integrate them with their local terroir.

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Our Detroit Headquarters

Originally designed by famed Detroit architect Albert Khan, our building was empty for 17 years before it was transformed into our stunning space where modern furniture compliments historic design.

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Space Planning and Design

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Order Management

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Delivery and Installation

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Let Us Be Your Partner

MarxModa can help you create a space that exemplifies your unique culture and allows you to achieve your business goals.