The entrance of DIRTT headquarters made of glass and metal partition walls with the DIRTT logo.

DIRTT Partner

MarxModa is proud to be Michigan’s DIRTT Partner, making a difference for businesses in our state by helping them build better.

We’re your local DIRTT experts with the tools and know-how to harness the cost, schedule, and performance benefits of DIRTT.

DIRTT’s completely custom solutions, powered by their ICE® software, allows us to work with you to create your entire project, not simply offer you products. Sizes, shapes, angles, finishes, supports are designed to their exact specifications, allowing you to create environments that support your team, easily integrate into your space, and fully reflect your culture.

Working with DIRTT

Business & Institution Leaders

MarxModa takes pride in providing a different experience by working directly with business and institution leaders to create spaces that drive tangible business results. As Michigan’s DIRTT Partner we will be able to enhance our ability to do this, working as a specialty construction consultant on your project team.

We can work with you to build flexible spaces in any type of building that reflect your goals, brand, culture, and technology needs. And with DIRTT's intelligent software program ICE ®, you can experience your space before it’s built in interactive virtual 3D, allowing you to make informed decisions and approve plans with confidence.

Once you sign-off, your space is shipped in 21 days or less, and you can move in weeks sooner than conventional construction. Plus, all DIRTT spaces are built for change, so they can grow and adapt alongside your business quietly, cleanly, quickly, and for a low cost.

General Contractors

As a DIRTT Partner MarxModa is a specialty subcontractor that covers multiple trades, working under you to oversee the DIRTT order, sequencing, and install.

We will assist you and other trades deliver appropriate bids reflecting fewer hours and less material. Most of the interior, walls, power, networks, cabinets, and doors are built off-site, with the components built based on measurements taken on-site just days before they arrive. This allows the trades putting in the mechanical, lighting, ceiling, and flooring to work in a clean, wide-open space with little material waste and fewer journeyman hours. All components install quickly and easily, with little to no waste or do-overs resulting in cost-savings on material waste and management.

The earlier DIRTT’s integrated prefab construction is introduced, the more time and cost savings you will see. Talk to us early to ensure a productive and efficient project.

Architects & Designers

Our DIRTT team can help you create your vision while maintaining complete design freedom. We work as Design Assist, helping you value engineer and determine constructability and best uses of DIRTT.

We feed your drawings from CAD or BIM/Revit into ICE ®, which translates them to DIRTT. The platform allows you to explore and update your design in real-time 3D, collaborating with your clients anywhere in the world. The components themselves respond to your intent, so you can design a wall with power outlets, several finishes, and an integrated TV, and it will automatically price itself.

Design details translate into factory data, then into installation instructions. All pricing is to the penny, based on the amount of each material used, eliminating the extra cost for complexity of design, while enabling a completely custom solution. Mundane tasks such as shop drawings, elevation details, and hardware schedules are all automated, and the data needed for constructability, cost, and schedule are included right from the start.

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A hallway lined with wood panels constructed using DIRTT prefabricated solutions.