MarxModa was pleased to partner with Gongos and help them make a difference for their employees and clients with the design of their new office.

Rows of white workstations that each have a task chair and two Flo Monitor Arms holding screens.

Goal: To create the new Gongos headquarters in the heart of downtown Royal Oak, occupying the 3rd floor suite and furnishing it with a full scope of work points, private use spaces, and meeting areas. For its highly mobile, creative users, the variety of settings support change in posture throughout the day and encourage choice in space utilization for teams to connect. The color palette was chosen to provide a bright yet calming environment.

Scope: Reception area, private offices, workstations, conference rooms, huddle rooms, work lounges, phone booths

Featured Products: Humanscale MConnect2 Monitor Arms, SitOnIt Novo Chairs, Herman Miller Tu Storage, Framery O Phone Booths, Eames Conference Tables, Senator Group Mote Lounge, naughtone Busby Chairs, National Whimsy Stools, Herman Miller Plex Tables, Source International Jump Chairs and Stools, Keilhauer Vanilla Conference Chairs, Herman Miller Eames Molded Plastic Chairs, Dock Tables, and OFS Coact Sectionals.

Location: Royal Oak, MI

Industry: Commercial

Moving into a new space that would match our evolution as a company was both exhilarating and intimidating for us. So finding the right partner who would internalize our core needs while empowering us with their vision of a progressive office space was critical. MarxModa struck a balance between minimalism and a feminine quality, while helping us select modern architectural accents and furnishings that seamlessly fuse with technology. Camille Nicita, CEO & President

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