A Safer, More Efficient Way to Provide Care

MarxModa, Michigan’s DIRTT Dealer, is excited to offer our partners Constructed Clinical Enclosures (CCEs). Created by DIRTT and Healthcare Innovation Partners (HIP), these enclosures ensure both safety and satisfaction.

Designed in Partnership with Healthcare Providers

First created for and deployed at Massachusetts General Hospital, the CCEs were designed to help caregivers test and treat patients in a safer more efficient manner. The goal was to create an enclosure that would reduce infection risk, conserve PPE, and improve intake efficiency.

A Safer Solution

Designs reduce direct interaction with patients by either placing caregiver in a sealed High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtered positive pressure environment or the patient in a sealed HEPA filtered negative pressure environment. By allowing caregiver and patient to maintain direction contact, but providing physical separation, the risk of exposure is decreased while high patient satisfaction is maintained.

Decreased PPE & Sanitization

CCE’s can eliminate up to 95% of the amount of PPE each medical professional needs to use including gowns and masks. Additionally, the designs are easy to clean, with less surface areas that need to be sanitized between patients, cutting down on the amount of disinfectants that need to be used as well as time spent cleaning.

Increased Efficiency

An average of 4 times more samples can be acquired during an 8-hour shift, meaning more patients can be served. The chosen design can increase capacity and speed, reducing wait times for patients and allowing for rapid cleaning in-between individuals to prevent the spread of the virus while patients are waiting to be tested.

Flexibility of Care

The many different designs can be quickly deployed (in under 1 hour), can easily be moved to a different location, and can be ADA accessible for all types of patients. Their modular design allows our network of installers to quickly deliver and set them up as soon as 14 days after order placement.

Multi-Patient Indoor Enclosure

Includes a single entrance to the HEPA-filtered positive pressure environment for healthcare worker access, and 3 transparent partitions with sealed glove panels to provide care. The three-sided enclosure increases capacity and speed, with privacy provided by the dividers. The design is wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant with minimal surface areas to sanitize post-patient care

Single-Patient Indoor Enclosure

Includes a single entrance providing the patient access to the HEPA-filtered negative pressure environment. The enclosure is where the patient receives treatment and can be specified to be ADA compliant. The caregiver provides treatment through the single gloved area through a transparent partition for personalized one-on-one care.

Single-Patient Privacy Enclosure

Includes a single entrance with large privacy panels providing the patient access to the HEPA-filtered negative pressure environment. The caregiver, also protected by privacy panels, provides treatment through the single gloved area. The light-weight unit is designed for flexibility and can easily be moved within the space it is deployed.

Single and Double Patient Outdoor Enclosures

The outdoor enclosures are climate controlled and provide weather protection, creating a safe space for outdoor testing and treatment that will remain operational through the winter, even during rain and snowstorms. Designed with the same infection control and high throughput efficiency, they allow for the outdoor isolation and testing, vaccination, and examination of potentially sick patients. They are wheelchair accessible, can be specified to be ADA compliant, and are designed to include optional heat/cool HVAC and air filtration, either negative or positive pressure, and removable isolation panels or zones.

Interested in Creating a Safer, More Efficient Experience?

Contact our DIRTT Team to explore the CCE designs and discover the right solution for your needs.