Elevate Your Home Office

Many of us have transitioned to working remotely, but the fast page of this change means some of us have found ourselves with less than ideal set ups.

Many of us have transitioned to working remotely, but the fast page of this change means some of us have found ourselves with less than ideal set ups.

A photo of a home office with a graphite Aeron task chair in front of a black test holding a black task light.

Elevate Your Home Office

Remote work may not be ending anytime soon, so if your space at home leaves you with aches and pains by the end of each day, it might be time to invest in your health. Whether you are looking for a few accessories to enhance your home office, or you need to create an entire workspace from scratch, we can help you find the equipment you need at an affordable price, so you can focus on doing your best work.


Find a chair that works as hard as you do. Comfortable and stylish options will support your spine and increase your focus.

Grey Aeron Office Chair Home Office


Remastered for today’s work and workers, Aeron now offers smarter weight distribution and suspension through 8ZPellicle®, and adjustable PostureFit SL™ that supports both the sacrum and lumbar to better nurture the natural S-shape of the spine.

Black Embody Task Chair Home Office


With its automatically adjusting narrow backrest, weight distributing seat, and spine-like BackFit™ Embody’s purposeful design creates harmony between your mind and body, and between your body and your work.

Grey and red Verus Task Chair Home Office


The built-in sacral reinforcement and TriFlex back that forms, ventilates, and moves with your body, allows Verus to work as hard as you do.


From a standard fixed desk to healthy sit-to-stand options our team can assist you in selecting the best space to write, type, or sit and ideate.

White Setu Office Chair with Height-Adjustable Desk

Motia Rectangular Desk

The Motia Rectangular Desk puts people and the workplace in motion with easy-to-use height adjustability that integrates into any office setting. Operates at the touch of a simple up-down switch that can be programmed to lower and upper limits.

Blue Cosm Chair in front of White Fixed-Height Desk.

Everywhere Table

Ideating, collaborating, videoconferencing, lunching—this fixed height table will support any home office activity.

A desk chair in front of a modern danish design style desk.

Copenhague 90 Desk

Functional, compact, and elegant the Copenhague 90 desk provides the perfect surface to focus on work. Plus, its new nanotech linoleum top featuring a soft-touch ultra-matte finish is resistant to fingerprints makin this desk a breeze to clean.

Ergonomic Accessories

Add tools to your workspace that will help you work smarter, faster, and healthier.

Adjust Tilt

Lima Monitor Arm

Reduce eye and neck strain with the Lima Monitor Arm. With the touch of a button you can move a monitor up or down to put your computer screen at an ideal height and distance for viewing. Tilt the screen up to 80 degrees back or 10 degrees forward for the best angle.

Lolly desk lamp with usb outlet

Lolly Personal Light

With four dimming settings and a tilting head, shine light where—and how—you need it for work. The enduring, high-powered LED light is touch-sensitive, powers off after four hours of inactivity, and includes both standards USB-A and USB-C ports for charging devices.

Keyboard support and monitor arm on a mobile desk

LE Keyboard Support

Support your forearms and wrists while keying, lowering the risk of a repetitive motion injury. Attached to the underside of your work surface the LE Keyboard Support is adjustable, allowing you to position your keying surface at the proper height and angle for your body, then store it neatly beneath your desk when not in use.

Home office with many chairs, desks, and a couch.

It's Time to Invest in Your Health

Contact a specialist to receive preferred pricing on ergonomic furniture and accessories that will help you increase productivity and reduce aches and pains.

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