Headway Conference Tables

Oval Y Leg Table Communal Landing

​​Introducing Headway Tables

Meet Headway Conference and Communal Tables, the latest line of innovative products from Herman Miller, designed with the modern workplace in mind.

The Best of Both Worlds

Organizations need tables with the right technology—tables with power, data, and hardware tailored to the needs of their people and activities. They also need tables that look good and match their office's aesthetic. But they can usually only find one or the other—a table with the right look, or a table with the right technology.

With clean cable management and clutter-free surfaces, Headway conference and communal tables bring versatile aesthetics and robust technology capabilities together in one powerful design.

Meet the Headway Family

Set things in motion with Headway: conference and communal tables designed for seamless technology so teammates can connect, collaborate, and move ideas forward. From brainstorm to board room, Headway’s sleek design and tech prowess make it an essential part of every meeting.

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Discover the endless potential of Headway.

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Headway Product Family

Abundant Choices

With nearly endless choices for Headway's shape and height, it's easy to define and specify your perfect table. With an assortment of leg styles, materials, heights, and tech accommodations, Headway can be customized for a wide range of uses and places, from all-purpose public areas to highly specialized team spaces.

Cabinet Base with Underside Cord Retractor

Seamless Cable Management

Headway's purposeful design neatly hides technology, routes wires, and tucks away outlets to provide sleek looks and on-demand power and data.

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Designed for Third-Party Tech

Headway is designed to work with technology made by other manufacturers so you can create a meeting table with the right mix of tools for your needs. Table-top retractor units and power access solutions provide seamless technology access and clean messy cords from the surface, while under-surface components sit discreetly behind camouflaging tech curtains or hammocks.

Headway Across the Floorplate

Community Beyond the Conference Room

Gather people and ideas anywhere with Headway communal tables. Accessible design and flexible functionality help make space for different people and diverse tasks, extending community across the workplace.

Headway Conference Tables

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