Make Space

Discover the possibilities with DIRTT.

What happens when you curate space by fusing inspiration, imagination and intelligence?

You get ENVIRONMENTS that are adaptable, accommodating AND equipped to manage the unknown. They can change when and how YOU need them to.

Discover the Possibilities

Safe and friendly spaces are what the world needs right now. Just because we have to be apart, doesn’t mean we can’t be together.

But how? It’s simple.

Construct meaningful environments that respect the unique priorities and goals of people, teams and organizations. Integrate solutions that can immediately be converted to reflect changing circumstances and meet the evolving needs of the people using them.

Enable total customization that supports productivity, safety and physical and mental wellness.

Need inspiration?

Consider your possibilities with these idea starters.

Get Together

This honeycomb arrangement transforms high-density floor plans into cohesive spaces. Build your team around a central hub with a design that delivers safety and proximity.

Look Ahead

The zipper's geometry offers safety and strength through flexibility and visibility. Whether you’re at a desk or on the move, you have line of sight and intentional physical distancing.

Join In

Squares contain integrated technology that allows connection and personalization to flourish. Bigger screens give you better face time and four walls gives you quiet time.

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