OE1 Micro Packs

Easy Height-Adjustability with a Small Footprint

OE1 Micro Packs

Easy Height-Adjustability with a Small Footprint

A single green OE1 Micro Pack next to a dual navy OE1 Micro Pack in front of a triple grey OE1 Micro Pack.

Meet the Micro Pack

Part of the OE1 Workspace Collection, OE1 Micro Packs are height-adjustable workstations that add agility to every corner of the office.

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Key Features

1. Cable Management. Cords are neatly managed within the base for clean lines and minimal visual disruption.

2. Power.
All configurations are powered by one cord that plugs into a standard outlet.

3. Switch.
Allows people to easily adjust the desk to accommodate seated and standing postures.

4. Surface Power Access.
Above- and below-surface power access options provide convenient charging.

5. Screens.
Add boundaries, privacy, and warmth to the space with optional screens and felt liner.

6. Bag Hook.
Easily store items and keep them within reach with the built-in bag hook.

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The OE1 Micro Pack can be personalized to your tastes with a variety of features, options, and finishes.

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A sit-to-stand solution for any size space to support a single worker or a small team.

A navy blue double OE1 Micro Pack with privacy screens next to a grey double OE1 Micro Pack with privacy screens.

Increase Your Office's Agility

OE1 Micro Packs are casual, sit-to-stand desks where people can drop in for a few minutes of focus—or do standing work away from their desks. Perfect for teams that fluctuate in size or visitors who need a place to land.

A green OE1 Micro Pack with a monitor mounted on a white monitor arm with a green privacy screen mounted along the back of the work surface.

Choose Between Colorful Configurations

OE1 Micro Packs have a variety of options to choose from. Colors range from subtle to bold, and configurations come in single, three, and four-packs. So organizations can express their brand or identify team spaces with color—and get the right applications to fit their floorplan.

A navy OE1 Micro Pack plugged into a wall in front of a navy Cosm task chair with a OE1 Mobile Whiteboard next to it to create a private workspace.

Make the Most of Your Space

Take advantage of under-utilized real estate with OE1 Micro Packs. They’re an easy way to add height-adjustable workspaces and flexible functionality to in-between spaces like corners and hallways.

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