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Gongos: Decision Intelligence Company

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“I felt brave, going into the unknown of relocating our company, Gongos, to Royal Oak. Our office had been in Auburn Hills for 10 years, and we were comfortable there. But our business was evolving, and we wanted something fresh–something that would excite our people and create a collaborative atmosphere. This all was new territory for me. We looked at so many spaces, but nothing felt right; and then one day we stumbled upon an opportunity in Royal Oak. It didn’t look like much, as it was still only a parking lot at the time, but we met with Etkin Real Estate Solutions and began to see their vision and plans for the space. We were downsizing, leaving a 30,000-square-foot building for a 20,000-square-foot building. We partnered with The Alan Group, Inc., who drew out the initial space to envision how we would fit here. When we saw we could do it, we began negotiating the lease, the tenant improvement costs, buildouts, and meeting with furniture vendors. We surrounded ourselves with the best–including Faudie Architecture and MarxModa–they helped bring our visions to reality and made our dream even better. We are so happy to be here in Royal Oak and love our new ‘home!’”