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Create a Professional Video Conference Space

With many employees working from home, in-person meetings are now shifting to virtual conferences.

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While hardware is an incredibly important consideration – is your wifi working? Is your microphone on? Are you framed properly in your camera? – how you set up your space can positively impact how you present yourself virtually.

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1. Avoid mixing light sources

To make sure your face is evenly lit stick to a lamp or a window slightly off to the side, not both.

2. Properly adjust your desk lamp

If you are using a table-top light try out different setups and angles before the conference. Consider bouncing the light off a nearby wall instead of pointing it directly at your face to ease eyestrain and reduce glare.

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3. Use headphones

Using headphones while on a conference call can filter out any excess noise, prevent feedback loops, and keep your workspace quiet for everyone else in your household.

4. Lock your casters

If your office chair is on wheels make sure they are locked in one position before you start your meeting. Spinning or rolling in your chair may appear unprofessional on video and the resulting sounds may sound louder in your microphone than you intend.

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5. Direct your gaze

If you have access to ergonomic tools like monitor arms, adjust your monitor so that it is below your eyelevel with your gaze falling about 2 inches below the edge of the screen. This will give the impression that you are looking straight ahead at the other people on the call, creating the feeling of an in-person meeting.

6. Employ soundproofing

If other conference participants are hearing an echo when you speak consider adding fabric to the room to help muffle the sound. Try adding a thick floor rug and shutting your blinds to better enclose the sound.

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7. Curate your background

Before you hop on your call check out what will show up behind you to make sure it’s professional. Remove any visible clutter - especially dirty laundry or dishes. It’s also a good idea to avoid completely sterile background such as a plain white wall. Consider staging books or houseplants to create an appealing atmosphere.

8. Consider the door

A cameo from your children or pets may not be appropriate depending on the meeting. Make sure if there is a door in your space it is not behind you and visible to the camera in case someone comes in during your call. Even better, place a sign or even a light by the door to announce to your household when you are in meetings and they should not disturb you.

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