Finance Your Future

In these uncertain times we’re happy help you create or change work spaces in the office or at home so you can support your staff without going over budget.

A graphic of a multilevel office with different items circled that can be financed including the HVAC, technology, and the data network.

MarxModa is able to offer our customers the opportunity to finance their 100% of their projects with Herman Miller Financial Solutions. Herman Miller has officially partnered with LEAF Commercial Capital to help us offer fast, flexible financing options. LEAF’s expertise in financing combined with our knowledge of work environments offers a better way to furnish your space.

Achieve an Office That’s Right for You Right Now

Need to support your growing staff, but don’t have the cash to cover your purchases? Unsure about which of your team members will be in the office and who will continue to work remote? Want to change your space to ensure employee health and safety with the ability to make continual changes over time? With financing you can get the products you need when you need them.

Invest your capital to grow your business instead of purchasing assets that depreciate over time. You can bring your operation up-to-date without tapping into your cash reserves or existing credit lines. You may even be eligible for tax savings, simply by purchasing needed furniture.

A Financing Plan That Fits the Way You Do Business

Our team can create a financing plan for your entire office solution, including design, labor, installation, and even other equipment or technology being acquired for space. Plus, the array of options offered means we can create a financial solution that is unique to your company needs.

Balance sheet considerations, such as operational versus capital expenditures, are important decisions when investing in your business. We help you design a financing solution that best fits your accounting and tax requirements.

Payment Terms: Terms can range from 12 to 72 months with flexible End-of-Term options. We also offer the ability to extend the term to six years in order to lower your monthly payment.

Payment Structures:
We can help you create a plan with scheduled payments to match your cashflow. Make lower payments initially and structure future payments to grow as your company’s revenue increases or business cycles change.

Add-On Options:
With any of our options you can add new Herman Miller furniture at any time with a simple increase to your monthly payment, allowing your office grow as your business does.

End-of-Term Options:
At the end of your term you can choose to buy your furniture for just $1 or with a True Lease you have the option to own or return the furniture at the end of the term, with an affordable payment throughout. Additionally, you can choose to extend your lease month-to-month for a specified period of time.

Reasons to Finance
Experience all the benefits of financing on your next furniture project.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for Financing?

Since the program was created in 2013, Herman Miller has been able to provide financing for over 1000 projects ranging from as small as $1,000 to large projects with over $10,000,000. Financing is a good option for nearly all commercial customers whether they are small growing businesses or large Fortune 500 companies. Most importantly, financing is a fantastic option for any company that has uncertain plans for their space in the coming years.

3 Simple Steps
In just 3 simply steps you can apply to finance your solution.