Architecture & Design

Framery CEU

Please join us in for a virtual CEU on Thursday, July 30th with Nicholas Feuerstein from Framery.

The interior of an office with two blue Framery O pods arranged next to each other to be used for private conversations.

Created to solve noise and privacy issues in the open office, Framery offers pods, phone booths and soundproof private spaces that make employees happier and more productive.

During this 45-minute CEU Nicholas will share several key learnings on how Framery can contribute to health and well-being in the workplace. During this session you will:

  • Hear the noise and privacy concerns experienced by workers in modern offices and work environments.
  • Learn about space planning from an acoustic perspective.
  • Explore the essence of an activity-based office and important considerations for the ideal workplace.
  • Discover effective solutions for achieving health and well-being in the workplace through optimal space design and acoustic considerations.
Framery Event Image

Please RSVP below to register for one of the sessions. If you have any questions or need any other A&D Support please contact A&D Representative Lauren Williams.