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Future State: Place

How will the workplace evolve in the future?

February 12, 2020

Last year over 80 designers in 4 cities, including Detroit, were asked to formulate ideas about the future of work. These discussions centered around how work will change in the future and how those changes will affect People, Process, and Place.

Place: Sensify

Ever feel like you’re constantly adjusting your headspace to your workspace? Today, you hack your office so it better meets your needs (and ask for forgiveness later), but what if tomorrow you not only get to influence, but control, a uniquely designed space based on the needs of the moment?

Future Staters imagine a new kind of office design, one in which four tech-enhanced white walls transform your space into whatever you want it to be. Spotify, but for space.

For instance, say you’re working alone, and want a space that inspires you. You program Sensify to a view of the mountains, and the scene projects on the walls. The next day, you’re with your boss, and you need a little more polish. You reprogram Sensify to display that customer research you’ve been compiling onto the walls alongside some perfectly cohesive digital art and your space looks like you’re ready for that raise she’s been promising.

With Sensify, your private office or huddle room or project space is a blank canvas just waiting for you to cover it with precisely what you need to succeed.

In the future we will be able to quickly and easily program our space to fit our work needs.

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