Future State: Process

How will the work process evolve in the future?

Sticky notes arranged in a grid filled with written ideas including "menu of items," "kit of parts," and "application."

Last year over 80 designers in 4 cities, including Detroit, were asked to formulate ideas about the future of work. These discussions centered around how work will change in the future and how those changes will affect People, Process, and Place.

Process: Capturing all the Feels

Picture this - your client is out to dinner and she loves the atmosphere. Her endorphins kick in and a program on her smart watch shoots the app on your computer a note.

An illustration of a hand holding a wineglass in front of a sunset while a bracelet on their wrist lights up with a heart.

Call it a social-emotional Fitbit or an environmentally aware wearable—Future Staters dream of a device that could show you and your design team exactly how your client responds to the music, furniture, lighting, and general vibe of a space.

Once the data loads, it populates a Pinterest page, makes product suggestions, and translates a good feeling, one that the client might not have even been able to put into words, into tangible design inspiration. Welcome to a brave new era of client feedback.

In the future technology will allow us to receive direct responses to the stimuli in a space, and provide the information we need to act on it.

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