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MarxModa's Design a Framery Contest

Pophouse won our social media contest and will receive their beautifully designed Framery Q!

A flyer with a cartoon of a Framery and the words Design a Framery contest.

Last month MarxModa and our favorite privacy solution partner Framery hosted a Design A Framery contest for our local Architecture & Design partners. To compete each firm was asked to design their own Framery O or Framery Q booth using Framery's online product configurator.

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Pophouse won with this design of their ideal Framery Q.

The firms then had to post their design on LinkedIn to share it with their followers, and at the end of the month the firm whose post had the most impressions would win the pod they designed and have it installed in their office.

An image of a large blue Framery unit with two orange couches and a table in the middle.
T2 Designs came in second place with their turquoise Framery Q.

The competition was fierce and each firm contributed a beautiful design, but in the end Pophouse won with their gorgeous Framery Q, closely followed by designs from T2 Designs and Hamilton Anderson Associates.

In third place was Hamilton Anderson Associates with their Framery Q featuring custom Detroit decals.

We will work with Framery to manufacture and install Pophouse's Framery Q, giving them a new privacy solution that will make their office a healthier, happier place.

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