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  • Herman Miller Presents School Daze

Herman Miller Presents School Daze

For the next two months starting next Wednesday, September 16, Herman Miller's Workplace Wellbeing Knowledge Leads will host weekly webinars focusing on back to school during COVID-19

A cartoon of a birdseye view of a desk with a monitor, notebook, iPad, mouse, keyboard, and phone with the words "School Daze" written in white.

Join us as we examine both the challenges and preparation considerations for this year’s back to school journey. The experts will explore adult and adolescent remote work-school considerations and share reputable pro tips for safe school re-entry. Each session is 30-minutes and includes take-a-ways for “Back to School 2020”.

School Daze Environmental

Please RSVP below to register for the sessions. If you have any questions please contact A&D Representative Lauren Williams.