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Even the best and brightest of us can't concentrate on our work when our mind is constantly drawn back to an aching neck or back.

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Herman Miller Ergonomic Specialist and all-around wellness guru Rebecca Greier Horton, PG, WELL AP has shared a few quick tips that you should employ every day to remain alert, focused, and pain-free. Take your mind off your body and onto your work!

Everything in your space is for your well-being.

The amenities you have access to transcend work space well-being and flow into your overall well-being after work hours. Circadian rhythms, refreshing views to the outdoors, and a variety of workpoints all contribute to alertness.

Changing postures is essential.

Proper spine alignment while sitting or standing, eyesight accommodation and glare deflection , and consistent movement throughout the day are all important. If you listen to your body, you avoid and mitigate discomfort.

Movement throughout the day means less fatigue after work.

Moving around your space stimulates cognition, helping you feel refreshed and mentally sharp. Take advantage of the freedom to move, and change postures depending on your task.

Change up your gaze.

Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This exercise will help you avoid eye strain, and reduce headaches and neck pain.

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