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Product Spotlight: OE1 Agile Wall

Part of the OE1 Workspace Collection this innovative new product is both a boundary, storage piece, and collaboration tool.

A woman pushes an OE1 Agile Wall with an integrated whiteboard above two storage shelves across the office.

Flexible Boundaries

The OE1 Agile Wall was built to be moved. Extremely light-weight, the Agile Wall has casters or glides hidden within the base to provide mobility while preserving the appearance of a stationary boundary. The size and scale of the agile wall provide a sub-architectural presence, allowing it to provide privacy and divide space when team members want to do heads down work, then be easily adjusted to open up the work area for collaboration.

An Array of Configurations

Agile Walls are 75-inches high and either 36 or 60-inches wide. They can be specified to include laminate or veneer shelves, monitor mounts, power access, and tackable fabric, markerboard, laminate, or veneer tiles. Agile Walls were designed to be compatible with with Exclave® collaboration boards, which can be hung from the top of the wall to be used for ideation or presentation then moved to a new work area as needed. View the full specifications here.

Multiple Agile Walls with different configurations enclosing a work space and providing privacy.

Ideate, Collaborate, & Present

With it's technology integration, tackable surfaces, and writable markerboards Agile Walls can help teams work together to solve problems and then present elegant solutions. The 60”W Agile Wall can support a display at seated or standing height mounted on one side, the other side, or both sides with user power available on one side.

Plants in the foreground with an tall grey Agile Wall with storage shelves dividing a workspace with a OE1 Nook and a workspace with a OE1 Micropack.

Good for Teams and the Planet

The OE1 Agile Wall is certified SCS Indoor Advantage Gold and when specified in projects may contribute to LEED accreditation. For more information please contact MarxModa A&D Representative Lauren Williams.

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A tall thin OE1 Agile Wall with a whiteboard tile on the top and a light blue tackable fabric tile on the bottom next to a light blue Collaborative Table.