Vala Swivel Recliner

Design Within Reach

“My goal was to create a recliner that is a special place for wellness, rest, meditation, and mindfulness,” says designer Hlynur Atlason, “and that is refined and airy in appearance.” The result is the Vala Swivel Recliner (2020), which delivers the comfort of a reclining, swiveling chair, but in an attractive form that occupies very little visual space. The seat, back, and footrest move independently of each other, so as you shift from upright to feet up to full recline, you continue to be comfortably supported. A seated push into the backrest is all it takes to activate the footrest, another push and the chair fully reclines. The swivel base gently returns to its original position when you leave the chair. Made in U.S.A.

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