Rex Materials

MarxModa was excited to partner with Rex Materials Group and help them make a difference for their employees with the redesign of their headquarters.


Goal: To design a new headquarters more reflective of the technological ideals and collaborative nature of Rex Materials’ business. Spaces were designed to honor the company history while supporting how the team works today.

Scope: Workstations, conference rooms, collaborative areas, and an employee lounge.

Featured Products: Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chairs, Tu Storage, SitOnIt Focus Side Chairs, Magis Steelwood Stools, Herman Miller Everywhere Tables, Herman Miller Canvas Wall Workstations, Herman Miller Flo Monitor Arms, OFS Applause tables, SItOnIt Focus Stools, and National Reno Chairs.

Location: Howell, MI

Industry: Commercial

Design Partner: Lindhout Associates Architects

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