Shore Financial - Headquarters

United Shore Financial Services (USFS) ranks among the top wholesale mortgage lenders in the nation and is still going strong.

  • Mortgage Company’s Booming Expansion
  • United Shore Financial Services Adds 600 Workers

MarxModa was called upon when the dynamic growth of USFS spurred the need for an additional 600 employees to add to its existing 1100. Its new Michigan operation spreads out over several acres of floor space.

The ever-expanding work force deserves care and attention and the leaders at USFS, with MarxModa, have worked hard to create an upbeat, high-energy workspace. Colors are bright and upbeat slogans adorn the walls. One maxim holds that if the car is not shaking, you're not driving fast enough. The Troy office's bright colors, natural light and easygoing atmosphere help facilitate productivity.

Amenities such as coffee bars abound, there is even a putting green. A concierge is offered to handle needs such as dry cleaning and there’s even a valet car parking service—but only for line workers, not for top execs. The colorful work space has a minimum of executive offices. Most supervisors work side-by-side with their teams. Success "starts with how we treat our employees," said Mat Ishbia, president of United Shore Financial Services. "We're trying to build a place where they love to be." All indications are that they have succeeded with flying colors!