Cartoons of people in a Living Office situated to spell the words "It's Alive."

Living Office

Living Office is a more natural and desirable workplace that fosters greater connection, creativity, productivity, and, ultimately, greater prosperity for all.

Work has changed. Most offices haven't. To maximize efficiency and reach business goals modern workplaces must emphasize more than what can be accomplished on a screen or device, and feel like a community worth belonging to. Herman Miller and MarxModa believe that business value starts and ends with people. People discover the problems, imagine the ideas, define the solutions, and deliver the results. By facilitating this atmosphere, your workplace becomes an engine of prosperity—empowering people to contribute their most meaningful work.

Play Cartoons of people in a Living Office situated to spell the words "It's Alive."
About Living Office

What is a Living Office

A Living Office is a high-performing workplace that delivers an elevated experience of work for people to help organizations achieve their strategic goals. Its design—based on the latest understanding of people’s motivations and experiences—brings humanity back to the workplace.

Through a holistic offering of knowledge, tools, products, and services, Living Office helps organizations and their design partners create settings where the surroundings, furnishings, and tools work in concert to fulfill fundamental human needs.

A unique mix of these settings form landscapes that look different, feel better, and are ideally suited to the work being done and the people doing it. In this way, the workplace can become a strategic tool for supporting the drivers of success many organizations value, such as improving attraction and retention, stimulating innovation, and increasing efficiency.

10 Activities
Herman Miller has identified 10 distinct work Activities that can be supported by different settings.

Why Living Office Now?

Herman Miller and MarxModa see the potential for a new kind of workplace that’s a powerful asset to organizations and their people. With Living Office, we propose a shift from standardized workplaces to diverse landscapes with settings designed to fulfill fundamental human needs and improve physical, social, and cognitive experiences.

This is a new way of thinking about corporate real estate. The Living Office approach views place less as a formulaic system of depreciating costs, and more as an organically evolving asset that can express organizational culture and provide individuals with a meaningful connection to work and colleagues. As a platform for increased productivity and effectiveness, Living Office offers a more human experience of interaction and creation.

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