A conference room enclosed in metal and glass DIRTT partition walls in the middle of an office.


Get ready to build in a whole new way. DIRTT—Doing It Right This Time—is a construction method that’s faster, cleaner and more sustainable.

Building better starts with people. Our DIRTT team partners with you to create a personalized, smart space. We act as peer collaborators for your team of design professionals, general contractors, and other sub-trades. Our team can also act as your design assist consultant through pre-construction. Then, we transition to a subcontractor as the design is manufactured and installed. And of course, we are always available if you need changes after move-in.

Be Ready for Anything

Build a space that’s always relevant. Your environment should be adaptable and ready to handle whatever changes the future may hold. DIRTT gives you a modular solution that benefits your ongoing expenses and maintenance budget. Now more than ever, we need to build spaces that will adapt to changing technology and new ways of working, learning, or delivering care.

Experience Your Space Before It's Built

The ICE® software platform developed by DIRTT is at the core of what they do. It looks and acts like a 3D video game where you can explore and modify your design. Using advanced virtual reality, you can actually see your space before it's built, allowing you be certain about your design decisions.

A conference room lined two sides with glass and metal walls and doors.

Budget With Confidence

With DIRTT’s technology, you’ll see exactly how much your project will cost, to the penny. As you design your space, ICE does the heavy lifting of specifying, pricing, and actually building the elements. If you make a change, all that data changes in real-time with your cost automatically recalculated. The cost quoted is the actual cost. ICE is a design, pricing, and visualization tool that speaks directly to the factories. If the design and project scope stay the same, so will your cost.

Stay On (or Ahead of) Schedule

Building with DIRTT will help you open your doors and invite staff and visitors in sooner than expected. Once you sign off, the entire space is manufactured and shipped in 21 days or less, then installed in a fraction of the time conventional construction requires.

Keep Your Space Clean

With components manufactured off-site, the usual mess made during construction is dramatically reduced. This means less debris and no drywall dust to deal with. Installation is so clean and quiet you can run your business right down the hall from your construction site. Building with DIRTT is better for the environment, better for your facility, and better for any staff and visitors who you welcome into your space during its transformation.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Because they're modular in nature, DIRTT spaces are adaptable throughout the life of the building. This reduces costs for renovations and improvements you may need to make as your company grows. DIRTT gives you a flexible platform to manage changes with little disruption and downtime, reducing any ongoing or future expenses. Plus, every DIRTT space is built to last with durable materials, so it's a smart investment right from the start.

Create a Space That Works for You

Spaces built with DIRTT are high-quality, match the aesthetic you choose, and support the work you do. With the freedom of customized prefab, it’s easy to configure facilities to meet your needs. Include large-scale graphics to reflect your brand. Seamlessly integrate technology for better collaboration. Or improve staff and visitor well-being with living walls. Whatever your team needs, we can build it better with DIRTT.

Do It Right This Time

As your local DIRTT Partner we have the tools and know-how to harness the cost, schedule, and performance benefits of building better. Connect with us today to start your next project.

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