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  • The Top Five Office Design Trends of 2019

The Top Five Office Design Trends of 2019

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As the nature of work has changed the design of offices has also begun to evolve. Our work with some of the most successful businesses in Eastern Michigan has given us insight into what companies are looking for in their workplaces to keep their people healthy and happy. We’re excited to share some of our favorite design trends that we’ve seen this year.

Old Meets New

In our Detroit headquarters the latest Herman Miller office furnishings provide a pleasant contrast to our historic building.

Our new headquarters in downtown Detroit is evidence of our passion for this trend. Alongside MarxModa, many businesses are designing their workspaces with modern furniture that is offset by the antique features of their buildings. The contrast creates spaces that are visually appealing, with the sleek and colorful furnishings breathing life into historic spaces.

Flexible Seating

MarxModa offers an array of Herman Miller desks and workspace systems that accommodate any floorplate.

Assigned desks have become a thing of the past for most modern offices. Instead of each worker being assigned to a cubical or office, workplaces are incorporating an open seating policy where workspaces are available for employees to select themselves. This flexibility allows people to choose where and when they work, switching settings as their work changes.

Smart Furniture

With Herman Miller’s Live Platform any company can make a “smart” office for their employees.

As technology continues to be more and more essential to our lives, it’s no surprise that it has made its way into the workplace. Many offices now incorporate technology in their conference rooms and workspaces. These “smart” rooms and desks automatically set themselves to employee preferences, help works set and maintain wellness goals, and allow companies to monitor space use.

Lounge Areas

MarxModa’s relationship with over 200 unique vendors allows us to offer our client’s nearly unlimited options to outfit their spaces.

When designing their workplaces many top businesses are looking to spaces such as hotels for inspiration. Incorporating elements of hospitality design including elegant lighting fixtures and luxurious, comfortable furniture to provide spaces for employees to relax and process has become common in many work environments.

Privacy Products

MarxModa has partnered with framery to provide stylish and soundproof pods and workspaces. These products make it possible for businesses to reap the benefits of an open office plan, and still enjoy the option of privacy.

Open, more flexible office plans foster collaboration and creativity, but what are workers supposed to do if they need to make personal calls or simply take a break from the buzzing office? An innovative solution companies have embraced are soundproof pods, phonebooths, and private spaces that give their employees a space to step away to.