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  • Updated: Framery + COVID-19 Safety

Updated: Framery + COVID-19 Safety

Our favorite privacy solution Framery has provided new information, materials, and layouts to ensure their products can be used safely.

A woman sitting in a white Framery Q.

As of October 2020, Framery has continued to support their customers by providing a full safety guide that you can download below, adding more antimicrobial options for high-touch surfaces, and creating a new layout for Framery Q and 2Q: the Flow


The Flow layout is designed for uninterrupted heads-down work—a single-person workstation where you can take advantage of Framery's superior ventilation and soundproofing. It comes with an adjustable electric table that allows you to change work positions in a matter of seconds. The Flow has plenty of space inside for a chair and even for a stool, making it possible to invite your colleague in for a chat. Get into the Flow!

An image of a woman working at a desk in an enclosure.
The Framery Flow layout is perfect for social distancing.

Framery can accommodate the physical distancing necessary to keep employees safe, and can be easily cleaned after each use.


Each Framery is constructed from durable, high-quality materials that can easily be cleaned. Mildly alkaline all-purpose bleach can be used to clean the exterior, frame, door handle, and table. The interior felt walls and floor can be vacuumed along with the ventilation shaft. Finally, alcohol-based disinfectants (70-85% concentrated) can be used to clean the wool fabric seats and floors.

Well Ventilated

Thanks to their proprietary ventilation system all Framery pods have an air flow rate that is nearly ten times the amount of the minimum rate in most offices (2.4 liters per second). This means that any particles you might breath into the air while working in the Framery will be gone by the time someone else steps in.

Air Flow Turnover

  • Framery O: A rate of 21.5 l/s means all the air in the pod is completely refreshed in 70 seconds.
  • Framery Q: A rate of 66 l/s means all the air in the pod is completely refreshed in 67 seconds.
  • Framery 2Q: A rate of 121 l/s means all the air in the pod is completely refreshed in 100 seconds.

Accommodates Distancing

Every size of Framery accommodates the physical distancing that has been recommended in the wake of COVD-19. Framery O is only meant for one occupant at a time, and the seating in the two larger pods, Framery Q and 2Q, allows users to remain six feet apart.

Distancing L
Both Q and 2Q allow users to maintain physical distancing of 6 feet.

Serves As A Boundary

As companies consider making adjustments to their space to make it safe for re-entry, many are considering using physical items such as standing screens or dividers to serve as boundaries that will help their workers maintain proper distance. Framery can serve as both a boundary and a functional space at the same time.

Boundaries 1
Framery can serve as a functional boundary within your office. Credit: Framery

When companies invest in Framery they are investing in a safe and private solution for staff and guests.

Download Framery's Updated Safety Information

Download Here
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