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Virtual Backgrounds from Our Detroit Showroom

As much as we've spruced up our home offices for remote work, we're missing our beautiful Detroit Showroom. We've curated some images of our favorite spots that can be used as virtual backgrounds.

The fourth floor Family Room in our downtown headquarters.

Creating the perfect video conference background can be challenging. Is your workspace too cluttered? Where is the best lighting? So many aspects must be considered, and that's just if you're working from a dedicated home office. If you're still at your kitchen table with your household buzzing along behind you, creating a professional background for video calls can be even harder.

One great way to make your video more professional is to use a virtual background. This can be anything you'd like, from under the sea to outer space, but we think the best solution is a beautifully designed office. A place with great lighting, high-quality furniture, and tasteful decor.

Sitting Area 2
The sitting area in our 4th Floor Family Room is one of the options available.

We're happy to share these images for our staff and partners, so they can transport themselves to our Detroit Showroom during conference calls. Simply download the image of your choice and just like that you'll have a professional background for your next video experience.

Download the Virtual Backgrounds

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