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August Top 5 with A&D Representative Lauren Williams

As the modern office evolves to support the hybrid workforce, we’ve noticed a growing need for flexible products. This month’s top five highlights a collection of items that support group settings, individual work, and community spaces. By providing products that can adjust quickly, organizations can feel confident in knowing that their hybrid workforce have the tools necessary to do their best work.

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Striad Sofa

Intentionally varied to deliver privacy or encourage collaboration

Designed to deliver the individual comfort of a lounge chair with the versatility of a modular seating system, Striad Sofas support the evolving nature of work today. Their layered construction achieves the ideal mix of structure and premium comfort. Options include a high-back for greater privacy and a low-back to foster collaboration.

A woman pushes an OE1 Agile Wall with an integrated whiteboard above two storage shelves across the office.

OE1 Agile Walls

A movable boundary for space definition and collaboration

OE1 Agile Walls give people the ability to quickly create team spaces to share their ideas. They’re a solution for sub-architectural movable boundary within the open plan and part of the OE1 Workspace Collection.

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OE1 Communal Table

Communal work tables for casual productivity

OE1 Communal Tables help organizations provide flexible touchdown areas and gathering spaces throughout the office. Part of the OE1 Workspace Collection.

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Hay About a Stool

It started with a story and became one of the best-selling stools in Scandinavia

About A Stool began with Hee Welling’s desire to tell a story about a stool—hence its name. He gave it a gently curved seat balanced on slender legs, creating a simple yet strong visual presence. Like the other members of Welling’s About A series, the About A Stool exudes versatility, with a choice of heights, finishes, and upholstery available.

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OE1 Nook

A flexible work nook for individual focus

The OE1 Nook is a solo workstation with visual and acoustic privacy for increased focus and productivity. Part of the OE1 Workspace Collection.

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