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July Top 5 with Workplace Consultant Christina Marsh

Supporting virtual collaboration in the office for groups and individuals

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Here are some of our favorite products that can support effective collaboration in or out of the office. Having the right technology support can create an ergonomic workspace that is both flexible and efficient, improving your work experience.

1.	Exclave Media Tile and Wall Rails for monitor support

Exclave Media Tile and Wall Rails for Monitor Support

The Exclave product line provides optimal support for all conference needs. The Exclave Media Tile with the Exclave rail can support multiple monitors with cameras to make collaboration easier than ever. For additional meeting support add fabric or marker boards to express ideas clearly.

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Exclave Table to Support Video Conference

The Exclave Table was specifically designed to make virtual meetings easier. The unique shape ensures everyone can see and be seen while conferencing.

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Micro Pack –Single

The OE1 Micro Pack creates a private space for individuals to interact with co workers remotely. This sit to stand desk is compact, yet has everything you need to work efficiently.

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Oripura Laptop Stand

Working anywhere comfortably has never been easier. The Foldable Oripura Laptop stand has a slim profile making it easy for transportation and storage. This stand positions your screen at an ergonomic slope, providing the perfect camera angle for virtual meetings.

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Lolly Personal Light

Don’t let dimly lit spaces defer you from your work. The Lolly Personal LED light has an adjustable head, charging ports, and touch-sensitive dimming settings, making it perfect to highlight your space while collaborating.

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