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  • Now Available: OE1 Workspace Collection

Now Available: OE1 Workspace Collection

Herman Miller's latest collection of furniture designed for flexibility is now available to order.

A floorplate with OE1 Workspace desks, workstations, storage, and accessories arranged in different configurations with multiple settings.

What's In a Name?

The OE1 Workspace Collection is a line of optimized essentials for agility. Each product was designed to help people experiment with space, and can be used together to create flexible environments that can easily change as people's needs and activities evolve.

The 1 at the end of the name speaks to the new era of work we find ourselves in, and how this collection is the first Herman Miller has created with this in mind. It's not a furniture system, but a collection of pieces that can be used together or individually, in the work place or a home office.

Additionally, the 1 is a nod to Herman Miller's past, and the creation of the innovative Action Office by George Nelson and Robert Propst, which reimagined office furniture as a system of customizable components. This set of components was expanded upon in the seventies with Action Office II, which revolutionized the way we work with the introduction of open office furniture systems and the cubicle. Similarly, this is just the first OE1 collection, with many iterations and innovative products to come.

A lounge area featuring the OE1 Storage Trolley, OE1 Agile Wall, OE1 Communal Table, and the OE1 Micro Pack.
Featured Products: OE1 Storage Trolley, OE1 Agile Wall, OE1 Communal Table, & OE1 Micro Pack.

Why Now?

Today’s workplaces are faced with unique challenges that have only been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic: increasing their overall agility, making the most of real estate, ensuring new furniture works with existing facilities, and getting the most out of these investments. Until now, products have been designed to address only one or two of these issues at a time.

Organizations are craving a holistic solution that takes on all of these challenges simultaneously and beautifully—and sets them up for success in an uncertain, fast-changing future.

A workspace featuring the OE1 Rectangular Table, OE1 Wall Rails and Project Boards, OE1 Project Table, OE1 Mobile Easel, and OE1 Agile Wall.
Featured Products: OE1 Rectangular Table, OE1 Wall Rails and Project Boards, OE1 Project Table, OE1 Mobile Easel, & OE1 Agile Wall.

Meet OE1

Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin this collection of boundaries, tables and benching, storage, and micro packs can help people experiment with space, discover what works now, and change rapidly for the future. View specifications.

The different products in the OE1 Collection including agile walls, huddle tables, nooks, trollys, and micropacks in bright colors on a white background.
  • Tables & Desks: A range of tables with many shapes and finish options can be combined into work packs, used for group meetings, or stand alone in a home office.
  • Micropacks & Nooks: Condensed worksurfaces with optional privacy create quick touch down points for work requiring focus.
  • Walls, Easels, & Rails: Standalone storage options with integrated writing surfaces, mobile whiteboards, and moveable project boards enable employees to move work with them.
  • Freestanding & Mobile Storage: Keep the files and documents you need as you move between office settings with mobile options or choose a freestanding trolley to keep them in one place.
  • Accessories: Add screens to create boundaries, accessories to enable productivity, and integrated power for the devices necessary to get work done.

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