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March Top 5 with MarxModa's A&D Team

It's almost spring! What better way to embrace the season than to bring in some color to your space. We've put together some of our favorite products this month that will brighten up any room.

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Springtime is the perfect opportunity to refresh and renew your home with a few simple additions. From colorful accents to functional pieces, there are countless ways to breathe new life into your space. Whether you're looking to brighten up your living room or bring the outdoors in, there are a variety of home products that can help you achieve your goals. In this article, we will be exploring some of the top favorite home products for the springtime that are sure to make your home feel like a fresh and welcoming haven.

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Credit: Design Within Reach

HAY Flare Candle Holder

A classic shape with modern flare, this glass candle holder comes in unexpected colors. Tinted edges ring the cup and the generous lower dish. The playful Flare Candleholder is crafted of colored glass with contrasting rims that catch the eye. It features a raised cup shaped to hold a candle and a lower tray for easy handling (candle not included).

Screenshot 2023 03 13 at 2 40 24 PM
Credit: HAY

HAY Bowler Side Table

Thomas Bentzen’s portable side table is aptly named ‘Don’t Leave Me’. Abbreviated to DLM, it features a convenient handle that allows the metal table to be carried from room to room. Although it has a lightweight and portable structure, the three slanted legs provide great stability. Available in a wide variety of colors, the DLM makes a functional alternative to traditional coffee tables.

Screenshot 2023 03 13 at 2 45 29 PM
Credit: Muuto

Muuto Kink Vase

The Kink Vase brings a contemporary form to the archetypal flower vase through a combination of traditional craftsmanship and playful design language. With its double opening, the Kink Vase adds a sculptural sentiment to the room, even when not in use. The design is made in porcelain that has been glazed on the inside for a refined touch.

Knot pillow
Credit: Design Within Reach

HAY Knot Pillow

A twist on pillows — Add a touch of fun with the soft, sculptural, playful Knot Pillow. “I’ve always been attracted to strange and unique things,” says Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir as she explains how she developed her Knot Pillow (2011). “I try to create unusual designs, products that are unpredictable and that make people curious.” This piece started as an experiment with tubular knitting and ended with a knot pillow that's not like any other.

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Credit: Herman Miller

Herman Miller Nelson Ball Clock

Turnaround time — Credited to Irving Harper, a design director at George Nelson Associates, the Ball Clock is the quintessential Modernist accessory. Its playful composition reduces an everyday item to its bare essence, challenging what we think it could and should look like. The clock comprises 12 metal spokes radiating from a circular center. Each rod has a threaded end, to which is screwed a wooden ball that marks an hour. Two hands – terminating in an arrow and oval -- indicate the time. On balls painted with darker colors, the wood grain may be slightly more visible; the Ball Clock in Natural or Black/Brass also includes a second hand.

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