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Relocation & Change Management

Businesses are always on the move, from large site-to-site relocations to everyday internal moves of people and furniture. MarxModa can help you manage churn efficiently, no matter where it happens.

Our web-based asset and inventory management tool connects all your warehouses and inventories across the country. It manages the level of assets needed for normal churn so changes and reconfigurations can be made efficiently. And we always keep you posted. We generate detailed monthly move reports that keep everyone in the loop so they can manage information and identify opportunities for improvement.

MillerKnoll’s Certified Dealer Network is electronically linked across locations. We'll team with fellow member dealers throughout the process, coordinating schedules and resources, and sharing knowledge and critical information. As a result, your people and their work activities run smoothly and costs are controlled.

Your Partner from Start to Finish, and Beyond

At MarxModa we maintain our relationships long after project completion. Get in touch to see how we can work together.

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